Authority and Functions

Major roles and services of Bureau of Quality and Safety of Food

  1. Research and development within the scope of food
  2. Monitoring, risk assessment and food information communication on food safety alert
  3. Food testing services based on laboratory analysis

Capability of the laboratories

Microbiological analysis

  • Food, water, beverage and food contact materials

Chemical analysis

  • Contaminants, toxic substances and dioxin
  • Pesticides and veterinary drugs
  • Quality of edible oils
  • Food contact materials
  • Quality of water and beverage
  • Food composition
  • Food additives

Physical analysis

  • Light filth
  • Physical properties of food products (texture, color, odor and taste)

Molecular biological analysis

  • Genetically Modified Foods (GM foods)
  • Identification of meat species
  • Specific gene of organism