Vision, mission and strategy


To be the reference laboratory of Thailand and ASEAN in aspect of quality and safety of food


Due to the ministerial regulation of department of medical sciences, ministry of public health B.E.2522, the bureau of quality and safety of food has missions regarding doing research and analyzing the quality and safety of food by studying, analyzing, researching and developing the knowledge and technology in the field of medical science. These activities can encourage the good health of people, aid to solving the public health problems in country, improve the quality assurance system and support the consumer protection process. This bureau has authority according to the following.

  1. To improve the system, assign the standard of food analysis and provide the food analysis service
  2. To study, analyze, research and develop the knowledge and technology regarding food laboratories
  3. To be the reference laboratory for approving the quality and safety of food
  4. To improve the standard of food production to meet the international standard
  5. To develop the laboratories to support the academic knowledge and propagate the technology to other networking laboratories both government section and private section
  6. To support or work with other laboratories which are related or authorized

Major roles of BQSF

  1. Research and develop in aspect of food
  2. Monitor, assess and communicate the warning about food
  3. Provide the laboratory analysis in food

The expediency of strategy

  1. Mission: The results from the analysis, research and risk assessment can be used as reference data for the regulations which improving and solving the quality and safety of food.
  2. Laboratory: The laboratories have been assured by the international standard and accepted among country and other countries in ASEAN.
  3. Personnel: The staffs are expert, talented and always aware of the changes about technology and public health problems.
  4. Social:
    – The laboratories have the waste disposal process and sort out each types of waste for preventing the contamination of pathogens and toxin in the environment.
    – There is the management system that is good governance, transparency and anti-corruption.

The challenge of strategy

  1. Mission: The problems about risk and unsafety from consuming food will be responded in time.
  2. Laboratory: The laboratories can provide a service that is convenience, fast and covered all demand. The customers are pleasure and feel good with the organization.
  3. Personnel: The system can manage to get the most productivity from the limited amount of staffs.
  4. Social: Green office (Save the energy, reduce the waste, reduce or avoid to use the dangerous chemical substances, use the environment-friendly stuffs etc.)